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American Brewers Build - CBA

Post by pintpursuits on Sat Aug 19, 2017 3:55 pm

I wanted to start a new thread, since the previous education thread was about short-duration courses.

Does anyone have experience, or know of testimonials from people who have taken the American Brewers Guild - Craft Brewers Apprenticeship program? It is roughly 22 weeks online, 1 week at their training brewery in Vermont, and 5 weeks unpaid apprenticeship at a brewery relatively local to you.

I like the fact that it has 6 weeks of hands on practice, and the 22 week curriculum looks like it covers a very wide range of important topics. Here is a link that shows sample curriculum. . It is roughly $10,000 USD, similar to the online Advanced Brewing Theory by Siebel, but that Siebel course doesn't have any hands on practice. Does the ABG course compare to the Siebel course in quality? If so, that's what I'd rather go for to also get the hands on experience. If not, I'd consider Siebel and find my own practical hands on experience.

Thoughts on either of them, or comparison between them?


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Re: American Brewers Build - CBA

Post by KevinBlockThree on Wed Aug 23, 2017 8:06 am

I haven't met anyone who had done the ABG, but ive heard good things. The sample curriculum looks similar to what I did at Siebel for the Advanced brewing Theory.

I'd line up your internship asap though. Make sure it can be approved.

I highly recommend Siebel, but as you said, it doesnt have a hands on component unless you do the full course. I was already working at the time so it worked for me. If you have no hands on experience id def suggest ABV or some other way of getting some hands on experience. Specially for a start up


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